Black(ie) Friday

This is my dog Blackie. This picture was taken on Friday. Actually it was taken four years ago, so don’t believe everything you read on the internet.  

First of all I know Blackie isn’t black. Even if I didn’t know he’s not black, people like to make me aware of that on a regular basis. As if I made a mistake when naming him. Or he was supposed to be black but didn’t turn out that way. Anyway, the story is that I picked the name Blackie way before I got him, so that was going to be his name no matter what color he was. Unless he was black or white. Then I wouldn’t have named him Blackie because that’s just ridiculous. I tried explaining this to my friends nine year old son and he didn’t understand. Then I added, “It’s funny because he was black when he was a puppy.”

“So that’s why you named him Blackie?” he asked, trying to make sense of the situation.

“No,” I said. 

Anyway, Blackie is gorgeous but insane at times, but I’m not surprised considering I picked him solely on his looks. But how else do you judge a puppy? He seemed to have a good temperament at the time. It’s not like I could have interviewed him and asked if mental illness ran in his family. I’m sure he would have lied about it anyway. I realize this story would have been more interesting or relevant if I bought Blackie on Black Friday or named him Blackie after Black Friday, but I didn’t. I bought him on Yellow Tuesday. Google it. 

Can you find Blackie (as a puppy) in the picture below?

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