Blog School

I’m happy to report that many people have contacted me saying they love my blog. I won’t list all the emails/tweets/texts/facebook messages but here are a few:

While most people have had nothing but nice things to say, I had one reader yesterday who wasn’t so happy. He’s a close friend of mine (maybe not anymore) but apparently he was rather frustrated that he wasn’t able to “download” my blog in text format so he could read it offline. I’ve never heard of such a thing. After he “tried again” he sent me this charming message:

 I forwarded his text to another friend of mine with a sense of humor and he responded perfectly:

So that being said I just signed up for Blog School. I’m going in India because it’s cheaper there and I can ride my donkey back and forth to class. When I get back to the US (in 7-10 years) I want to win a design award for blog of the year. I want to be famous for my cadence, image to text ratio, and my properly sized pictures. I mean fuck you if you don’t like my blog format. 

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