Butterfly World

I was driving in Pompano Beach with my friend Shawn when I saw a sign that said, “BUTTERFLY WORLD NEXT RIGHT.”

“Can we go there?” I asked. He didn’t say no so I made the right. 

We pulled into the Tradewinds Park parking lot and the guy at the gate said it would cost $1.50 to park. Then he looked in the car and said, “Since there’s two of you it will cost $3.00″ 

“You charge for parking PER PERSON??” I asked. He said yes. I mean if we knew that ahead of time Shawn could have gotten in the trunk. And what is the point of that? It’s like when they charge you extra because your bag is overweight at the airport. I always wonder what they are going to do with that extra money. It’s not like they’re going to get a bigger plane because someones luggage is five pounds overweight so what’s the point?? 

Anyway on top of the parking fee, it cost $25 per person to get into Butterfly World. I assumed they must have a lot of butterflies, and it must be a huge expense to feed and maintain them. 

The woman who took our money warned us to make sure no butterflies accidentally attached themselves to us or got into our bags, because if a single butterfly escaped they closed down the park. Sounded very serious, kind of like “Lock Up, Buttefly World.” Then I saw a sign that said:



I asked her how exactly they knew when a butterfly was missing. She mumbled something I didn’t understand. I’ve never been arrested before, but if I ever was I would like it to be for lewd and lascivious behavior, not stealing a fucking butterfly. 

We walked inside a metal gate and there we were inside Butterfly World. Basically there are hundreds of different colored butterflies flying around inside a screened off pseudo garden type thing. It was interesting for about 30 seconds. Once you realized there was no point in trying to take pictures of them because they move too fast, you’re ready to move on. And perhaps get a refund. Butterfly World is really a bizarre place if you think about it. Probably the closest thing to La La Land. Or an insane asylum.

They had a lot of interesting signs there. Actually the signs were way more interesting than the butterflies. 

Besides butterflies they have birds, flowers, and an insectarium. The insectarium consists of a collection of insects, butterflies and moths from around the world. The butterflies were pretty, but getting boring already. The moths were ugly, and the insects (some were ten inches long) were downright disgusting. The butterflies were sadistically displayed with a pin through the center of the torso. It hurt just looking at them.

I noticed that I had some things in common with some of the critters . . . 

In the bird area they had something that reminded me of my meals from India . . .

This was a necessary sign:

Then we came across this sign:

I passed on that part. I don’t want a bird to land on me. I also don’t want to swim with a dolphin, and I don’t need to see fish swimming past me in the ocean. 

Then guess what happened! I found Lucky in the gift shop!

The gift shop was filled with endless random things, all with butterflies on them, all hideous.

They also sold butterflies! Well, not exactly . . . 

A pupa is a soon to be butterfly which looks like a a dead flower bud. Makes for a lovely holiday gift, if you hate someone. When it turns into a butterfly you can house it in this:

Then when the butterfly dies in an hour you can put your dirty laundry in it. 

If you’re not interested in a pupa, they also sold live ladybugs.

It really is a one stop shop for all your Holiday gifts. Not sure why Oprah hasn’t mentioned it. 

On the way out I saw this very sweet gesture . . .

I should warn you that if you go to Butterfly World’s website there is a something rather annoying about it – you can’t read anything because butterflies are constantly appearing and disappearing over the text. Very well done . . .


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