Art Basel 2014

I love modern art and Art Basel is always a fun time.

A lot of the art conveys deep, meaningful, articulate messages:

Since art is so subjective I thought it would be fun to play a game called: “Guess Which Piece is ‘Art.'”

ANSWER: The first picture is “art.”  The second picture is garbage on the side of the road in India.

ANSWER: The first picture is “art.”  The second is a goat on the side of the road in India.

ANSWER: The first picture is some lunacy I saw at Petco. The second picture is some lunacy I saw at Art Basel.

ANSWER: The first one is “art.” The second one I found when I Googled “dirty snowman.”

Let’s play a new game called “Which Piece Costs $21,000?”

If you guessed the second one you were right. The first piece I actually own. I know someone reading this will say: “She bought that? I can make it!” Right, except you didn’t.

If a picture says a thousand words then the piece below says two thousand. I don’t know the name of it, but for arguments sake let’s call it “Cock Chair.”  I love a multipurpose piece of furniture. Or does it just have one purpose? 

Below is a new version of the chair that I created. It’s called “Pink Pussy on Cock Chair.” It says three to four thousand words.

I just love the picture below because it’s absurdly random. 

If I were to add to the sentence it would read: “as long as you’re paying and we can get crazy pain killers.”  

I certainly approve of this message:

This is well said and reasonably priced:

What do you think of the following  . . . ?

It’s part of my new “Before and After” series. The first picture is an ear from one of my dogs toys. The second picture is me making good use of it. 

Can’t wait for next years show. I already reserved my space . . .

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