North Dakota

I recently visited North Dakota. Well, that’s not true, but anyway . . . North Dakota has a population of 723,393 and is considered the least visited state. Their state fish is the Northern Pike, and their state fossil is Teredo Petrified Wood. Also see: more uninteresting facts about the least visited state.

There are so many interesting things to do in North Dakota.

But seriously, there are a couple of things to do  . . . literally . . . 

I Googled suicide rates in North Dakota and this came up:

The suicide rate in North Dakota has risen 70% in the past ten years. I wonder why.

Here are some interesting facts about North Dakota:




I don’t know the exact “qualifications,” but this can’t be that hard to accomplish . . .

I already have the answers to some of the questions I think they will ask me:

TALENTS: Managing to avoid any contact with the other 723,393 residents, one day at time. 

MISSION: Make the residents aware of the fact that there are 49 other states they can live in, most of which will not make them want to kill themselves. As much.

GOAL: Edit and redesign the state flag and license plate.

SUGGESTIONS: Lose the “North” part of North Dakota. Dakota sounds much more sexy and inviting.

PASSIONS: Snow blowing



2 thoughts on “North Dakota”

  1. Okay…let’s start with the obvious – this chick is smokin’ hot! You retards that think otherwise are so ugly and jealous because you could never, and I mean EVER get her! Now, DHG couldn’t be more correct about North Dakota. It’s a waste of a state! I apologize to the 2 or 3 people from that state that may come across this site by searching for DHG (as in Dakota Has Gonnorhea) by mistake but there is NOTHING redeeming about North Dakota at all and quite frankly the entire population of this state which I would bet 99.9% of people couldn’t find on a map if their life depended on it (and I mean like a gun to the head question, not one of those “If your life depended on this answer…” type of situations!) I’ll go even further to declare that outside of the 100 or so uber-dorks who spend their lonely lives studying to be on Jeapordy between watching National Geographic (and/or reading it) and preparing TV dinners that NO ONE could tell us the capital of the state, let alone any one fact about it besides its name… DHG is funny, sexy, and witty! My only complaint about this site is that there are no nude pictures. Ok, she’s gotta leave something to the imagination but keep on writing girl! This world needs funny banter without any agenda from a sexy woman and you certainly fit the bill! Okay, the rest of you who waste your time writing negative comments about her can resume masturbating about her knowing you could NEVER get a woman this hot, or smart for that matter.

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