Pam Gaslow is an anomaly. People say she’s unfriendly, but she was recently seen feeding goats at the Central Park Zoo. She calls herself depressed, yet is sometimes caught smiling in (half naked) photos. She is very charitable, yet doesn’t weigh enough to give blood. She has been described as the “most intimidating” 5’3” 100 lb. woman you’ll ever meet; a police officer once told her he was afraid of her.

Pam was born and raised in New York. All her grade school report cards said, “Pam shows no enthusiasm.” Pam was upset by the negative comments but nonetheless continued to show no enthusiasm for most of her life. Pam likes to be consistent.

Pam is not insane. She is simply brutally honest in a way that many wish they could be but due to social constraints, cannot. Pam doesn’t care about social constraints… Or what you think for that matter. She’s witty, dark, deep, brutal, and well, let’s face it – hot! Oh, she has a college degree in something from an accredited University with a physical location, has written a (very disturbing) humor book, Girls Are Weird, and is a noted mixed media artist (www.pamgaslow.com.) But most importantly she is a writer and a comedian. Her blog has developed a large fan base and is succeeding at accomplishing what Pam wants most: to make people laugh. She has appeared at comedy clubs throughout NYC including Caroline’s, the Laugh Lounge, and Stand Up NY. If you travel abroad you can see her picture on the wall at the Harajuku Rabbit Café in Tokyo. She spends her time between New York, Miami and India.

Pam’s work can be found on the following sites: