North Dakota Doesn’t Exist

Everything in life is relative. Like, I thought I was fucked up until I saw this:


Speaking of fucked up – I just found out some very interesting information. North Dakota is NOT a state.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 1.30.16 PM


Not only is it not a state, it doesn’t even exist. (Please note what is underlined in pink)

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 1.38.56 PMI’m so glad this segued into Santa Claus because I didn’t know where to go with it next. Santa Claus is more or less real than North Dakota? Discuss.






One thought on “North Dakota Doesn’t Exist”

  1. Well, I’ll be go to hell. Not that I care one iota whether North Dakota is in constitutional jeopardy of statehood status, but being the ever Vigilent Reader, I fact checked your assertions. Indeed, John Rolczniski (a fellow Jew, I assume), did indeed write this unfascinating piece for TIME magazine. Fabulous research, dahling. I don’t care either way about Santa (I am the girl whose mother said that Easter was a pagan ritual and we would not be coloring eggs) but I do urge you to take this opportunity to stake your claim NOW and seize the presidency of the thought-it-was-a-state North Dakota!

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