The Difference Between Hard and Stale

In order to explain the difference between hard and stale, I must, unfortunately, compare bread to mean. Or men to bread. For starters they both get hard. If you’re good the man should get hard before the bread, but then that all depends on if you’re good. But the bread, however, once it gets hard stays hard until eventually it goes into the stale category. Hard bread is not necessarily stale bread. Green bread I would throw out. But anyway, unlike men, bread can stay hard for a very long time. However, once bread turns stale, it is no good. Men do not get stale.

Or do they?

stale: not fresh; kept for too long, as bread; tasteless; musty; having lost originality; trite; common.

So, I guess a man can turn stale if you keep him too long, according to the definition. The bottom line is, use the male while he’s hard and the bread while it’s soft. Throw them both out when they turn stale.


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